What to Know About 3 Main Formats of Cricket

  1. Test cricket

Test cricket is the longest cricket type, up to a maximum of five days. A cricket match was attended by the two nations; if there are no two states, the criket is not recognized. Currently, ten countries have been registered by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to play competitive cricket. ICC allows a country to participate in a cricket contest if that country reaches an acceptable level. A cricket match can last five days; If a team wins five days before, the fight ends early. If after five days, no team wins, the result is a draw.

In competitive cricket sports, each team alternately plays and serves the ball; Each team may receive a maximum of two shots. The goal of the game is to gain more points than the other team, in a total of two batting sessions.

In opposition cricket, to win, a team must disqualify the opponent twice (or have a team apply for declaration). If a team gains more points, and the opponent is not eliminated, but continues to serve, succeed until the end of the maximum time, then the result is a tie. The first cricket match was held in 1877, attended by England and Australia.

2. One-day cricket

One-day cricket or Limited overs cricket is a new type of cricket, invented around the 1960s and 1970s. Cricket matches are held in one day. In a single cricket match, each team is allowed to play the ball, for a limited time, usually 50 overs. After the restricted ball stroke, double, second alternately hit the ball.

One-day cricket is different from cricket test because each team is played only once. And secondly, the team that has less points than loses. As for the cricket test, the serving team must cause the hitting team to be disqualified to get the result.

  1. Twenty20

Twenty20 is a new type of mone-day cricket, applied in the 21st century. Twenty means that each team is limited to hitting and delivering the ball in 20 throws, instead of with 50 rounds for single-day cricket. often.