What is Cricket? How to play and popular ways to play

What is Cricket?
Cricket is transcribed as “Crích-Statistics”. This is a featured sport which players use sticks to hit the ball, Cricket is quite popular in some countries in the British Prosperity community. This sport is also known under many names such as based on where its organized:

  • Bridge deck
  • Stick ball
  • Bridge wall
  • Carpentry bridge

How to play?

This is a sport played against two teams. Each team will start to lineup of 11 people. Cricket plays on grass with a circle shape. Regarding the goal of a Cricket match is that the two teams will take turns, one team will take the right to serve and the other team will actively hit the ball.

After all members of the batting team have lost in turn, one team will have to switch to pitch, and vice versa, the other team will take turns to take on the batting role.

Cricket Rules

As soon as the game starts, a team will select two members who take on the role of holding sticks to stand at either end of a flat ground, often referred to by the player as the “field sphere”.

There is a wicket in each direction, which will consist of three wooden sticks that are plunged deep into the ground, leaving two wooden sticks facing upwards.

The other team will choose one person to take on the role of serve, or commonly known as the “head of the ball” English name is (bowler) and a few other members of the team standing around waiting to hit the ball – Those This position is called the English “player” fielder.

The pitcher will try to throw from one end of the field to the other end, the intention of this pitch is to have the ball bounce off the ground. Subjects are on the opposite end.

As for the task of the opponent who holds the club’s staff is to try to hit the ball to bounce outside, to protect the safest three-keeper of the team. During the time when the ball is thrown away, the two club-holding members will have to run back and forth between the ends of the field. Each run will be counted as a “flavor” also known as (run).

The pitching team’s opponents will have to keep the ball and bring it to the field field. And the two batting team players will continue their next move, and have to move back and forth like that to expect a score until one of these two is eliminated by the throwing team in a number of ways such as:

Break the three pillars at serve.
Catch the ball from the batter’s own club when it is not in contact with the ground.
The thighs block the ball.
Make the person who misses the leg stand up forward.
Use the legs to support the three goal and if the referee detects that it will be penalized by the form of elimination.
Using the ball to break the goal of the three-goal turrets while the batter is still moving, unable to return to the level of the three-pillars.
A disqualified player will be replaced by another team member because by law the team that beats must have two players standing on the field at all times.