The Rules of the Cricket Game

It is worth your time studying the rules of the cricket game. Cricket has more rules than many other sports and you should understand them. You can start enjoying cricket as one of those top games around the world. With basic rules, you can play cricket and place winning bets on cricket games. This guide will help an absolute beginner with some basic rules in cricket.

Cricket Popularity

Many cricket fans are attending to watch the international and local teams, and enthusiasm is growing. This game has become popular over the years and many people have developed a love for it. Recently, a significant number of cricket fans is placing bets on cricket. Here are some great cricket games you must understand.

  • IPL League
  • Ashes
  • ICC World Cup Cricket

On a broad field, cricket is played with a ball and a bat. The rules provided in this guide are called Test Cricket. These rules are forms of traditional cricket. You can also find other formats of cricket, such as twenty20 cricket and 50 over a match.

Cricket Official Rules

Players: cricket is played between two competitive teams consisting of eleven players. A reserve player called the twelfth man is used by a team when a teammate gets injured when playing. The twelfth-man plays the role of a substitute player. With this role, this player cannot bowl, keep wicket, bat, or act as a captain.

Game Structure: when one team is bowling, the other one goes in to bat. If the first team is bowled, it will go to bat, and the second team does the bowling. If a team makes more than 200 bowls, it gets a chance to do bowling consecutively.

Scoring Runs: batsman aims at scoring runs. For a batsman to score a run, players must run to each other’s end on a pitch. Cricket rules say that players are allowed to do numerous runs per shot.