Speech on the Cricket Game

Cricket is a game believed to have begun in the early 13th century. In this game, the country boys were bowling at a hurdle gate that led to a sheep pen. This gate comprised a crossbar resting and two uprights. The complete gate was called a wicket, and the crossbar requested a bail.

The ball, which was once presumably a stone, has not changed much since the 17th century. A cricket ball weighs between 140 and 170 grams. In 1774, this is when its first weight was established. The primitive bat was created from a shaped tree branch. It resembled a hockey stick but it was considerably more cumbersome and more prolonged. Later, changes were made to the bat, and it had to be straight to prevent against bowling length.

In the handle, this is where the bat was shortened. The cricket fanatics ensured that the blade was broadened and straightened. This led to forward driving, cutting, and play. Batting had to dominate over an extended period in the 18th century.

Cricket Equipment

Cricket originated from the English villages. The equipment used in cricket games is from natural objects. There is some cricket equipment made from natural wood, such as:

  • Bell
  • Stamps
  • Bat

The ball used in cricket games is made of leather sewed with string. There is also a cork inside the ball, and technology has allowed the cricket equipment to have some changes.

Cricket in the Early Centuries

The 11-a-side cricket match dated back to 1697 and was played in Sussex. Surrey met Kent in a recorded inter-county game at Dartford. The version of the earliest cricket rules was dated 1744. This game became popular and grew to spread to London.

The subsequent half of the 18th century, a club playing in Hampshire become a force to reckon in cricket. This cricket club was called Hambledon Club. It is through this spirit of playing cricket that many cricket clubs were established.