Reasons Why Cricket Is So Popular Around The World (part 1)

Cricket has serious English roots since the Tudor period. In the manner of the empire phrase that the sun never sets, cricket goes as far as British colonialism would allow it. It is safe to say that the bat-and-ball game not only existed after colonialism, but also thrived. However, the problem being addressed here is that favorite cricket is the most popular sport in the world after football; A game has found an undisputed niche at the top. Making a case for cricket is the second most popular in the world is not without unsubstantiated claims, but the case is strong.

Cricket economics

The fanfare and fervor that cricket commands are mainly due to the South Asian population accounting for one fifth of the worldwide population. India – where cricket is almost like a fake game with a population of over one billion people, combined with astonishing viewership from Pakistan, England, Australia and other countries that make cricket a sport is the second most viewed in the world. This narrows the competition for cricket and basketball to second place. Perhaps, this basically brought other parameters like money and global popularity into the equation.

In the defense of basketball, the game is turning into a global sport from his home country. The ball game boasts of a number of American-based professional leagues, something, cricket falling short. Professional tournaments in cricket are largely limited to areas where the sport is primarily strong. Cricket knows nothing of the better part of North and South America undermining its growth prospects. Basketball, on the other hand, is catering to the sports profiles of China, the Philippines and Australia, thus growing rapidly.

To stay ahead of the curve, the International Cricket Council (ICC) combines dynamism in the game. When the tedious test format of cricket could not attract patrons, ICC introduced over-the-counter cricket. But at the beginning of the 21st century, the limited overs format also began to lose its charm. This in turn paved the way for a Twenty20 format that proved to be the talent of cricket.