Difference Between Cricket and Baseball

Cricket and Baseball have many similarities. However, if you pay close attention to the game, the rules, and the tools, you will notice many differences.

They are group games, but there are 11 members for cricket and 9 for baseball. The field of them is totally different. They are rectangular versus diamond-shaped areas. Cricket and baseball are all popular ball game but they are favored in different areas in the world. Cricket is quite popular, especially in British, Australia and India. Meanwhile, baseball has the love from the United States and Canada people.

For cricket, first round is each part of a game in which both sides have a turn to play. There is one point in cricket that baseball cannot relate. They are the variety of types of playing. Nowsaday, 20/20 is the most common one that every team gets 20 overs to go.

Moreover, cricket and baseball have the same-shape bat, but a different ball in weight. Specially, the cricket ball often weighs from 5.5 to 5.8 ounces. Apart from that, the cricket is flat, strong, and hard-to-break.

Then, the three important types of players in the cricket game are the batman, the bowler player, and the wicket holder. When we talk about positions, the different positions made by players in cricket games are characterized by different names such as mid-off, mid-on, wicket, etc.

The batter, catcher and pitcher are there most important positions in a baseball game. The batter should not drop the ball or release the ball before a fist ball during a baseball game.

The first point in baseball is that the batter must make a hit perfectly. After that, this person has to quickly leave the bat and run fast to the first base. In addition, the weight of a baseball ball is around 5.25 ounces, lighter than a cricket one. The bat used in baseball matches is round and it is often broken.