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After he fell back asleep and I hid under the covers, bracing myself for the next loud crash which never happened, I figured I was awake again and would get up shortly to putter aroudn the house and listen to the rain. In the morning, I smelled coffee and a cool spot rather than the boy next to me in bed. I woke up and said maybe four things.

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DD: in prep school, just being myself and that word just popped out. Is just like you already know but it just more swag for big guys because big guys have to do different things to get noticed. You a big man, you have a very big heart but you have a very tiny Yorkie.

The protests began largely in reaction to the cancellation of Coulter’s speaking event at UC Berkeley. In March, Berkeley College Republicans and BridgeUSA invited Coulter to speak on campus toward the end of April. After discussions with the campus administration, however, the event was postponed to September because of active security threats..

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