Radiation science is dominated by a paradigm based on an assumption

“. Radiation science is dominated by a paradigm based on an assumption without empirical foundation. Known as the linear no threshold (LNT) hypothesis, it holds that all ionizing radiation is harmful no matter how low the dose or dose rate. Epidemiological studies that claim to confirm LNT either neglect experimental and/or observational discoveries at the cellular, tissue, and organismal levels, or mention them only to distort or dismiss them.

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The affidavit indicated two of Maynard coworkersat the cemeteryreported the potential crime to state police. The document stated Maynard that he removed gravestones and he told investigators knew gravestones marked for destruction were to be taken to a facility that would crush them. Said he has personally driven gravestones to the granite crushing facility as part of his duties at RIVMC, the document stated..

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