Intelligent Transformer Management: Technical Conference held in Baddi, Himachal pradesh by NDL Power Limited

Baddi, Himachal , March 1st, 2017: ‘Intelligent Transformer Management’ Technical Conference was organised in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh on 1st March, 2017 by NDL Power Limited.

The event was organized at the fastest growing industrial capital of Northern India, so that participants and attendees of the region had an easy access to the conference. The event presented an opportunity for the utility, power & electrical system professionals, to unite on a common platform for enhancing learning through experience and appraisal towards technical advancements towards reliable power system management.

The conference was mainly to understand the concept and methodologies for effective residual life assessment and condition monitoring of transformers. Technical appraisal towards highly efficient and advance diagnostics tools and techniques towards reliable analysis and RCA diagnostics for transformer assets was also discussed at the conference .
Other importants aspects like introduction to specialised on-site treatments and procedures, enhancing the effective life of transformer assets with great economic value-addition and ROI.

And highlighting the significance and effective state-of-the-art techniques for protection system management, testing and maintenance, with a brief introduction to Power Management System were among some of the discussion points at the conference.

While speaking at the technical conference, Executive Director NDL Power Limited , Mr. Divyansh Kohli said “The conference shall present the opportunity for the professionals from the industry to discuss and address their challenges, pain-areas and experiences amongst the professionals for an open forum discussion.”

About NDL:

Since 1984,NLD is dedicated towards transformer management with the highest quality in service and products. With NDL’s vision for life extension of the most critical asset in your power system, the transformer – we are committed to being a reliability partner to our customers.

As one of leading transformer manufacturing & life-cycle management organization, and one that is held in high esteem even by our competitors, a great deal of relevance is attached to living up to our image as a value based organization. NDL’s products are evidence of dedication and commitment to high-quality transformers and innovation in the electricity sector. All of our products and associated accessories are designed to meet the requirements and vision of each customer. Through a series of scientific program, along with the fine, scientifically designed blend of the analytical and diagnostic services – we at NDL provides a highly automated, computerized management, maintenance and control system – which allows us to regularly monitor every heart-beat of the power station, and helps us trend, analyze and control the entire power distribution chain – ensuring ZERO Break-down.